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The Angel is a quirky independent dining pub on the edge of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. It’s a relaxed and informal place to enjoy a great selection of real ales and ciders, handpicked wines, and freshly cooked locally sourced food.

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All the ingredients used to prepare our freshly made dishes are sourced by Kevin from Manchester’s Smithfield market. He visits daily, collecting small amounts of locally sourced produce to ensure you the customer only ever get the freshest and best in quality. His keen eye and interest in food means you can be sure that what you eat is sourced, cooked and served to you with passion. The menu includes a variety of great value dishes based around pub classics, all prepared from fresh on a daily basis in our kitchen.

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We have a cosy downstairs bar with mismatched furniture, a grand piano, and roaring log fire in winter (and when it’s cold in summer).

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It’s the perfect spot for lunchtime and evening drinks with the emphasis on conversation. We have no television.

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