Frank Delfino started as a men’s magazine model in Las Vegas. He was enjoying back-to-back bookings for a photoshoot and worked hard to meet prominent people in the business. He is a good looking model with a very good physique, so it’s no surprise that he gets “other” proposals here and there. When he got invited to a gala party by a middle-aged businesswoman, he thought that he was just a plus one. Until he found out that he is getting paid a hefty check for taking her to the event. Things escalated quickly after the party when they went to the hotel and got offered another check for a quick intimate moment. He thought that the idea is not that bad, and he can freely decline or accept offers beyond being an escort.

When he started offering the service, he became unstoppable. He made a ton of money being an escort to events where he grew his network even further. Frank was having the time of his life and he thought why not document his experiences through a blog. He started theangelmanchester.com to write his daily encounters in being an escort service.

He never expected the blog to grow but it did. Frank decided to become more consistent in sharing his life experiences, tips, and guides in becoming an escort service. Now, he is thankful that he and his profession is accepted, and that he can help people find an exciting new career in the escort service business.