First time traveling? Here’s why you need an escort for every trip

Traveling alone can be one of the best experiences in your life. For whatever reason, you decide to pack your bags and head to a location of your choice. It can be here or there: it doesn’t matter. The only important thing is that you have a good time, recharge your batteries, and experience as many new things as possible. Yet, there’s one problem: being alone can confuse even the most experienced tourists.


From inescapable language barriers to sheer anxiety, many things can stand in your way of having the best of times while traveling. So, what can you do about it? Should you Google Translate your way through a foreign country, or should you avoid even going on a trip? Neither! We strongly recommend going on a certified tour guide. Let us explain the purpose of hiring an escort while abroad.

Escorts Have a Lot of Knowledge About Their Place

The first and most obvious benefit of traveling with an escort guide is that they know all the details about your travel destination. For starters, they have all the streets mapped out in their minds, so they can lead you anywhere your traveling heart desires to go.


But you might not even have a clear idea where you want to go. Luckily, you can ask your guide to recommend and lead you to a restaurant that they believe best represents the local cuisine. The same goes for hidden gem beaches, parks, and any other destination.


Yet, these aren’t the only pros that come with your escort’s extensive knowledge of the place you’re visiting. They also know which areas are dangerous and which of them you should avoid. This is more than important but is unavailable while traveling alone.

Escorts Are Trustworthy People

To become an escort, you need to be a specific person. Firstly, you need to love history and enjoy walking around. After all, you’ll be doing that most of the time. But being a history buff and an athlete isn’t enough. You must be a trustworthy and honest person.


No escort service will hire a fraud to lead their clients on vacation. There’s simply no use for that, as both parties will experience negatives. Therefore, services hire trustworthy folks to lead their guests and show them the best of times.


Real escorts who value their line of work will do anything to teach you about their town, location, and destination. They will be happy to answer all your questions, no matter if some might appear stupid. It’s their job, after all, and they’re all about it.

Hiring an Escort Won’t Cost You That Much

Depending on where you’re heading, escorting tours will cost you differently. Nevertheless, they’re rarely expensive. In fact, the priciest of them are official guided tours of famous museums like the Louvre in Paris or the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna.

When it comes to traveling across the country — from the East to the West Coast of the United States — average escort tours cost around $100. Sure, what’s costly is pretty subjective these days, but then again, the better question is whether escort tours are worthy.


In our eyes, no matter how much an escort tour costs, it’s okay. The whole package is more than worthy when you’re alone and traveling for the first time. If it costs us $100 to walk around safely and explore new places, then we’d gladly take it.

It’s Safer to Have Someone Go With You

It doesn’t need to be a risky experience when traveling alone. You can always look up the safest countries and places to visit, and we bet you won’t have any problem while strolling around and minding your own business.


But it’s not always like that. In some places and countries, it’s not the smartest idea to be by yourself and with a backpack that tells everyone you’re a tourist. Sadly, there are all sorts of people around us, and some of them will try to use your naivety to their benefit.


This is why we propose hiring a personal escort via a certified tour agency. These people will help you blend in with the locals, or they’ll simply be enough of a guarantee so that no punk comes and bothers you.


You can view them as security, no matter how ordinary they might appear. Sure, they won’t jump around and fight shady guys that might try to mug you. But their sheer presence will prevent anyone from even trying it, as they’re local and experienced enough.

Escorts Promote Professionalism

Funny as it may sound, some people only know about sex escorts. Yep! Men and women who are paid to provide tourists company. And sure, every place has them, but we’re not talking about them here.


In this text, we’re solely focused on travel guides. These people promote professionalism, and are only there to help you move around and see the landmarks, eat at good restaurants, and manage across town. There’s no sex involved.


Sure enough, some tours will look great, while others will be regular folks like your neighbors Joe and Suzy. But that doesn’t mean that you’re paying them to have sexual intercourse. Their job is to guide, not fuck you. Jeez, Louise!

Escorts Will Provide Choices and Help You Decide

Another issue where a private escort guide can help out is if you end up in a confusing situation and can’t explain what you’re looking for to the locals. It can happen while trying to order food and drinks, book a hotel room, or buy a souvenir. But regardless of the problem, your guide can help translate and sort things out. They might help you knock a price down while bargaining, or they might point out something that you didn’t notice.


On another note, your escort can come in handy if you, by any chance, encounter an actual problem, like an argument with the locals. God forbid! But issues like these happen constantly, and they’re not pleasant. However, if they do occur, well, it can get very tricky. Still, a travel guide can help you avoid them. They might not jump in and karate someone, but they sure can lower the tension.


Anyway, we’d rather leave you on a high note. Private tour guides aren’t suitable just for potentially unpleasant experiences. They all have personalities, and they understand what tourists are after. As such, they can often recommend hidden gems that only they know about. Moreover, if you get along, they might introduce you to their friends and allow you to experience local culture first hand.