The Similarities of Mini Sex Dolls and a Real Human

Sex dolls are nothing new. These human-sized figurines have been loyal cuddle partners to sex doll owners for years now. But their sheer full-length size becomes a problem when it comes to storage. You need a sizeable space to store these beauties discreetly and not everybody has got adequate space at home. This is where mini sex dolls come to the rescue. These lovely dolls are the miniature versions of the life-sized sex dolls and assure all the goodness of them – yet minus the space woes. In other words, mini sex dolls are almost like a real human and assure you a mindblowing experience.

Extremely realistic and human-like

Those who are uninitiated to mini sex dolls often wonder about the experience with them. Well, these little sexy dolls promise a euphoric experience everytime you have a moment with them. A major reason behind it is their life-like make. Yes, despite their small size, they have not compromised on the erogenous zones of a girl’s body. So, yes, your mini doll is sure to turn you on with her voluptuous boobs and luscious lips. Not only that, her tender realistic vagina will drive you crazy with passion just anytime.

They are very soft to touch and it almost feels like touching a tender smooth human skin. You can squeeze their boobs to your heart’s content and please yourself with passionate licks, sucks and kisses on those lovely tits. Their life-like vagina looks every bit of a human vagina and you can order models with or without pubic hair. It’s always an extremely stimulating experience to have sex with a mini sex doll.

Besides, mini sex dolls are not just genital organs. They also come with a proper head and well-defined face. Mini sex dolls look really beautiful and will make you feel having sex with a gorgeous gal out there. You can also customize these dolls with your preferred complexion, hair color, mane and eye color. Whether you wish for a blonde or a brunette, whether you are craving for voluptuous chocolate dame or a petite fair beauty- you will have everything with mini sex dolls.

Made with TPE or silicone

As mentioned previously, mini dolls are not made with a compromise on quality. They are made with the same materials that are used for crafting full-length realistic sex doll that we all are in awe of- silicone and TPE. These are the very materials that endow the full-size sex dolls their realistic appearance and feel. Since mini sex dolls too are made with TPE and silicone they can always assure the human-like feel and touch of a full-size sex doll. Your mini doll will be comfortably squishy, soft and sensuously smooth. The bottomline is, you have almost nothing to miss out on with mini sex dolls.

Great for bold positions

This is certainly one of the best advantages of investing in a mini sex doll. Some full-size sex dolls could be heavy and hence difficult to maneuver. You can’t always try out different positions with a life-sized sex doll, specially the bolder ones. But, you don’t have such issues with the mini versions. They are extremely lightweight and most of them are around 5-7 kgs with 100 cm height maximum. As a result, the mini sex dolls are always easy to move and allow you to try out most demanding and adventurous positions. They are your perfect partner when you are in the mood of experimental sexual sessions. Moreover, being dolls, they will always be available for you for any position you try which is not always possible with a human partner.

Easy to carry anywhere

You can’t carry big full-sized dolls anywhere outside your home given their sheer size. They are simply not portable. But, what if your office sends on a month-long business trip overseas? Won’t you miss out on your doll? You sure would. This is where mini sex dolls are the nifty solutions for you. They are easily portable and hence you can conveniently carry them anywhere you go. With mini sex dolls, you don’t have to miss out on your sexual pleasures even when you are away from your home.

Top mini sex dolls for you

You must be looking forward to get your own mini sex dolls sometime soon. Well, the post below offers a brief on some of the best mini sex dolls in the market today.


Bebe stands out with perfect panache with her fuller boobs and wholesome ass. Her perky tits can make you go weak in the knees any time and you will have a wonderful time with her. You will love its realistic vagina that promises a fantastic and passionate sex every time you will go inside her. She is extremely lightweight and portable. Bebe is your go-to toy when you are looking for an easy-to-maneuver doll on whom you can try out different positions like a dream.


This lovely brunette is a gorgeous anime sex doll that will drive crazy with her looks only. If you have a thing for Nippon dames and Anime heroines, Jessica is the hottie for you. But she is not just about a beautiful countenance. Her arousing body will sweep you to the wonderland of erotic ecstasy in no time. You will have the moment of your lifetime squeezing and sucking her soft voluptuous curves. And her soft tender vagina will take your sexy game a notch further. It’s to note here Jessica comes with a slightly higher price points compared to other mini sex dolls but she is worth every penny spent on her.


A sexy concoction of oriental and occidental beauty, Melly steals the show with her exotic looks. Her soft sensuous mood sets the mood for super steamy actions and you are going to have a gala time with her. One of the most striking features of the doll is users here would be able to apply cold and heat technologies. Thus, you can turn the doll into a perfect warm hotbod even in chilling winters.

On top of the amazing sex dolls mentioned above, there are more that you can choose from and it’s highly recommended by lovegasm. These are top-notch products and are proven to provide you with full satisfaction.